Falling in love is a beautiful feeling but sure has the tendency to shatter you forever… It was 2008 and I was living in Lincoln, Nebraska, with my parents. I was working at a local café and was barely able to make ends meet. But, that didn’t mean that I was unhappy. I was fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people daily and share their joys and sorrows. But, destiny has something else lined up for me. Joey was his name and he had recently moved to Lincoln and was pursuing his undergraduate course. He used to visit the café often and we often used to catch up for a drink or two after I was done with work.[…]

Women on the arms of wealthy men always share some important qualities. They are often well-dressed, poised, and have a skill set that they used to both attract their guy and to maintain their own sense of wealth and fame unconnected of the man with the power. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities of a few high profile wives of millionaires. Wendi Deng Murdoch is an Chinese-American businesswoman, actress and producer. She was driven to learn English from an American family that was doing business in China and she later followed them to the United States. Her interest in education and business was in full force and she graduated from both California State University at Northridge and[…]

So ladies, aren’t you tired of not finding mr. right on millionaire dating sites? Have you felt like your being used by these men for only one thing? You may need to follow the do’s and dont’s of this blog as a means of catching that prince, and possibly to stop kissing those frogs Do’s -Do tend to interact with many men on millionaire dating sites, that way you are capable of weeding out the liars and the ones that are only interested in one thing… -Do put your real age on your profile, many men that I have interacted with are upset that many women lie about their age and have photos of them from twenty years ago..You want a man[…]

When dating millionaires, keep in mind that time is an extremely valuable commodity. Don’t be late for the first date or any thereafter. If for some reason it is an emergency and you are late, be charming and apologetic. Millionaires respect time and work ethic, don’t come across as flighty, inconsistent or lazy. This is sure to put you in the pile of one night stands or flings. If you are looking for something more serious, know thyself first. Millionaires/famous people can be intimidating because American culture tends to idolize money and fame. However, if you desire a true friendship with someone in this financial bracket, it is imperative that you separate the amount of money he makes from the[…]

OK Ladies, you have now landed a first date with a new potential. How do you get a successful date and a follow-up for a second one? Follow these simple steps and you’re a shoe-in for a second date. 1. When you meet, you have probably talked for some days or weeks I hope, so it will be appropriate to lean in for the “one cheek hug”. 2. Yes, indeed this is a site to meet rich singles, but that does not mean it is OK to talk about money on a first or second date for that matter. Ask questions to get to know him, but nothing too personal, and avoid answering too personal questions on the first date.[…]

The trouble with having money is that, sometimes, it can feel like women are only attracted to you because of what you can offer them financially. Some men don’t have a problem with this, and are content to throw their cash around in order to impress a beautiful woman. However, if you want a woman to like you for the person you are, and not the paycheck you bring home, here’s a few handy tips which may help you find ‘the one’. 1. When taking a woman on a date, always find out something about her beforehand. It doesn’t have to be anything major, and you do not need to hire a private detective to investigate her. All you need[…]

The dating game has changed drastically in the past few years thanks to modern technology and these days, it’s not uncommon at all for someone to ask the other person out via text message. Have you ever wondered how you can successfully ask out a millionaire through text messaging? Check out these few tips on how you can land a dream date with your millionaire crush over text! Don’t Be Obvious – You don’t want the millionaire you are aiming to ask out to think that you only want to date him or her for their money. Keep it simple, talk about entertaining subjects and make no mention of work or finances when propositioning your millionaire for a date. Get[…]

When browsing profiles how can you be sure the man behind the profile is really a millionaire? Well, firstly a millionaire is likely to have upgraded to Gold status and will appear as “Premium” in the search results. If you come across a profile and see their net worth being $1,000,000 or more and they aren’t a Gold member I would be a little suspicious. A millionaire will have absolutely no problem paying for membership. I wouldn’t automatically assume any photos of luxury items he has posted are his. If you see a picture of him posing next to an expensive sports car how can you be sure it’s really his car and not someone elses? You can’t. If you[…]

Prior to your first date with an independently wealthy man, you should feel confident that you are not wasting time or energy meeting with a (potential) pretender. The addage “I shaved my legs for this?” comes to mind. Here is some advice from a man who grew-up with money and continues to make money today. Filtering out the pretenders from the contenders can be a bit tricky. Plus, you don’t want to offend anyone right off the bat by asking for a copy of financial statements. So does a woman screen candidates even before the first date? There are a number of questions that you can raise during an intital conversation that sound casual and non-threatening, but can do a[…]

Do you want to meet and fall in love with the successful man of your dreams? Stop trying to decode the mind of a millionaire and follow these 3 simple steps to land your dream guy! 1. Take Care of Yourself – The most important thing you need to do to attract the wealthy man of your dreams is take care of your mind and body. To get your guy and keep him, make sure you are financially stable and have your own goals in life besides hoping to marry into money. You also want to polish your appearance and get your body fit. Get a gym membership and keep up with beauty regimens like tanning and teeth whitening so[…]