Money can buy a myriad of superficial things- but it cannot buy love or loyalty.

Deep pockets can however, buy the right look in a woman or the right piece of behind for a casual occasion if that is what you are looking for exclusively! So ladies take heed and beware!

Powerful men are often invited to Black and White Tie affairs, Business Mixers at work; and other events– typically through work or organizations where they must be seen by others. Millionaire men have worked hard on their Image and they typically want a flawless woman on their arm to show other party goers that He’s got something going on that makes him stand out!

A millionaire’s date knows when to keep quiet and when to share. She knows her role; perhaps from experience at such events in the past. That role is simple: Be “such and so’s beautiful date!”– Making HIM the envy of all other men at the event.

Since millionaires are in the spotlight ultra frequently for a plethora of reasons- its important to know that you may or may not be what he is looking for if he is the type that wants to be SEEN & PHOTOGRAPHED.

It’s important to present yourself at first meeting at your very best. Your best high quality clothing and shoes.. Your best jewelry and earrings. Just be you- at your best. If he likes you for you- and likes you at your best– he could suggest other things you may be able to wear in the future if they don’t fit the needs of the event.

Rejection: You may have everything he dreamed of personality wise; but you could be passed up in favor of someone slimmer, or someone blonde, someone with more teeth, or someone with perkier breasts, etc.

Many men have been known to use their financial power to sort through thousands of profiles and agencies to find their perfect eye candy.

Think about the beautiful and famous wife of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump! It is perfectly fair to say that Trump’s wife definitely didn’t marry him for his good looks and gorgeous hair. And HE didn’t marry HER for her personality. Those half nude photographs would never make her First Lady material.

To wrap things up– My suggestion is to be straightforward with who you are to your match and ask him what he wants and what things are important to him when you are out in public. Just ask! And tell him about whatever you are insecure about so that if he is picky and superficial; you won’t get your time wasted.

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