When browsing profiles how can you be sure the man behind the profile is really a millionaire? Well, firstly a millionaire is likely to have upgraded to Gold status and will appear as “Premium” in the search results. If you come across a profile and see their net worth being $1,000,000 or more and they aren’t a Gold member I would be a little suspicious. A millionaire will have absolutely no problem paying for membership.

I wouldn’t automatically assume any photos of luxury items he has posted are his. If you see a picture of him posing next to an expensive sports car how can you be sure it’s really his car and not someone elses? You can’t. If you are in any doubt ask him that you would like to see a recent photo of himself next to his car, or inside or outside his home, apartment, yacht, plane etc. Better still say that you would love to see where he lives and would he create a quick video walkthru of his home for you. If he is the owner he will have no problem doing this as he will want you to be reassured that he is indeed wealthy. If he refuses then again I would be a little suspicious.

Take the time to get to know him and pay very close attention to your communication. Don’t get caught up into the idea that you have met your millionaire until you’ve taken a close and detailed look at how he carries himself, conducts himself and how he spends his money.

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