Falling in love is a beautiful feeling but sure has the tendency to shatter you forever…

It was 2008 and I was living in Lincoln, Nebraska, with my parents. I was working at a local café and was barely able to make ends meet. But, that didn’t mean that I was unhappy. I was fortunate to meet a lot of amazing people daily and share their joys and sorrows.

But, destiny has something else lined up for me. Joey was his name and he had recently moved to Lincoln and was pursuing his undergraduate course. He used to visit the café often and we often used to catch up for a drink or two after I was done with work. We fell in love with each other but I soon realized that this would be a temporary one. I wouldn’t say that we didn’t have any great moments together – we went out on dates, mini-vacations and had a lot of fun until he decided to move to New York City in search of a job.

I felt myself stranded after he left. It was like life had lost its purpose. The job that once excited me had started feeling very monotonous. It was then that I came across the idea of online dating. It flashed as an advertisement on a website – something that instantly grabbed my attention. This was probably the almighty showing me the right path to happiness and contentment. It was like a rope thrown towards me to help me come out of the ditch I found myself stuck in.

MillionaireMatch.com it was – a global dating site that claimed to bring together rich men and women for dating. I know a lot of women would call me a gold digger for choosing a website that emphasizes on bringing wealthy men, but financial stability is something I definitely in life. I understand that love is important when you’re looking for a companion to spend the rest of your life with but you cannot do without paying bills.

My bedroom

As I was fairly new to the concept of online dating, I explored the FAQ section of the website to get a few queries answered. I had a few more concerns that were sorted over the phone. It was a leap of faith when I chose to become a gold member of the website. As the stars aligned, I began to realize that this was the best experience of my life. I came across a lot of men online who only wanted to be friends with me and hang out once in a while. My social life was taking a turn for good. I started getting invitations to a lot of high profile events.

A person I met on MillionaireMatch.com also offered me a job in the field of Sales, which I had always wanted but didn’t get a chance to explore. My life was no longer monotonous. I was on the path to finding a purpose in life. Things only got better when I was least expecting them. I was in San Francisco, working as an Internal Sales professional, when I received a message from Sam, an investment banker in the Silicon Valley. The message certainly stood out from others –

“Hey Cidney, I am new to the website and was browsing through a few profiles. My search parameters are quite stringent and to my surprise your profile has emerged as a match. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to know you better. Let’s catch up at Haberdasher-Saturday 8 PM.”

This was for the first time that someone had shown interest in getting into a relationship with me since the time I joined MillionaireMatch.com. I was all excited to make this date memorable. As I was getting ready for the maiden date, I got a text that said – “I am extremely sorry Cidney but would have to postpone the plan. I’d be in Washington D.C. till Monday.” I felt disgusted. More than that, I was disappointed and cursed the wealthy class people, who barely have time for others.

Wednesday morning I received a text from him again. It said – “I am extremely sorry about the sudden change in plans but I hope you understand that’s the nature of my work. Will come down to you office to pick you up-1815 hours.” I was super excited once again but this time around I acknowledged there was a possibility of being disappointed.

As anticipated, he was punctual. He came to the pick-up/dropping point at 6.10 PM and gave me a call. I had the biggest smile on my face. I was never pampered this way. He had a strong build, was over 6 feet tall and had a slightly dusky complexion – the man of my dreams. Looking at his sports car, I realized he was a petrol head and loved driving. We drove to Haberdasher, we he had already reserved a table for the two of us.

He certainly changed the perception I had about wealthy men I had earlier met at various events. He was respectful, courteous to the restaurant staff and had already managed to make a great first impression in the first 30 minutes. During our conversations online, I had mentioned about my love for ice creams and desserts in general. He had already asked the chef to prepare a special dessert with my favorite ingredients.

Having money can certainly give you an edge but it takes a lot more to make a date special and give a girl something to cherish for a long time. Our bond only got stronger after that. We started meeting at the bar every weekend but I was still not sure if he was actually looking to get into a relationship with me. We had been dating for over 8 months now. He then invited me to a Christmas party organized at a resort. This was the first time we were going to stay together and I had butterflies in my tummy.

I had made up my mind to seek clarification regarding his expectations from the relationship. We had to be on the same page if there was something good lined up for us. He picked me up from my place and we head straight to the resort. All my plans turned to dust as I could never gather the courage to ask if he was expecting a relationship. He kissed me while we were going to our suite after dinner. There was no stopping from there and we made out that night.

We didn’t speak the next morning. He just dropped me at my apartment and gave me a goodbye kiss. I wasn’t sure about what had happened to him. Besides, I wasn’t sure of whether I should text him first or wait for him to take the initiative. He called up 3 days later asking if I would be available for 3 days in the next month. He was flying to Paris for a 3 day business trip and wanted me to tag along. I was overjoyed. Sam assured that he would take care of all the formalities required to get the visa. The countdown to something special had already begun.

The day had come – February 13, 2015. I didn’t realize earlier that he had planned the entire trip around Valentine’s Day. I should have sensed something when he first asked me if I was available during this period. On 14th February he proposed to me with a wedding ring and a bouquet of red roses. Online dating site MillionaireMatch.com, a concept I was extremely skeptical about in the beginning had brought about a massive change in my life.

Sam bought me a car.

The moments we spend together during the trip cannot be expressed in words. I feel the English vocabulary is insufficient to express those feelings and this is something that you have to feel to believe. I am sure there are still a lot of women out there who feel online dating is only good for casual flings and hook-ups. This is absolutely wrong. It is certainly up to you how you make the most of a platform like this.

I conveyed details of my man to my parents back in Nebraska and they were on cloud 9. Their princess had finally managed to find true love. We got hitched on 1st March, 2015. We now live in the Silicon Valley and have a baby girl.

Our home

My advice to all the men and women out there looking for their perfect partner would be to welcome change with open arms and explore new avenues that could eventually help them connect with their companion. You would not be able to find the one immediately and it would take a fair bit of time. You see, it took me 8 months to meet the right man and it was him who took the initiative. Had he not taken that initiative, I might have never come across the amazing gentleman that he is.

You don’t have to be disappointed and always remember beautiful things in life take time. The almighty would never expose you to anything that isn’t right. I suggest, you follow your instincts and reach out to the person whom you think could possibly be the right person. Love is a beautiful feeling and you realize this only when you give it time to blossom. The love of your life might actually be waiting to meet you on MillionaireMatch.com and now it is up to you how soon you become a member.

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