The dating game has changed drastically in the past few years thanks to modern technology and these days, it’s not uncommon at all for someone to ask the other person out via text message. Have you ever wondered how you can successfully ask out a millionaire through text messaging? Check out these few tips on how you can land a dream date with your millionaire crush over text!

Don’t Be Obvious – You don’t want the millionaire you are aiming to ask out to think that you only want to date him or her for their money. Keep it simple, talk about entertaining subjects and make no mention of work or finances when propositioning your millionaire for a date.

Get Creative – To stand out and get a positive response to your proposal, get creative with the text you send him or her. Maybe send it with an attached picture of yourself smiling or participating in a fun activity you wish you share with him or her to spark their interest. Also, remember to be yourself and show personality through the words you choose to use.

Text Smart – Successful people are more than likely extremely bright and probably pay a great deal of attention to small details. In order to impress him or her, be sure that you use the correct grammar and spelling when constructing your text message asking for a date. Keep in mind that you don’t want to sound too professional, but you also want your millionaire to understand you clearly.

Avoid Emojis – To land your dream date with a millionaire through text, you may also want to refrain from excessively using emojis or chat abbreviations. These text symbols and acronyms are best used sparingly while composing text messages as they can seem childish and immature.

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