The trouble with having money is that, sometimes, it can feel like women are only attracted to you because of what you can offer them financially. Some men don’t have a problem with this, and are content to throw their cash around in order to impress a beautiful woman. However, if you want a woman to like you for the person you are, and not the paycheck you bring home, here’s a few handy tips which may help you find ‘the one’.

1. When taking a woman on a date, always find out something about her beforehand. It doesn’t have to be anything major, and you do not need to hire a private detective to investigate her. All you need to do is find out something she enjoys, or something that is special and unique to her. This could be something trivial. When deciding what to do for the date, think long and hard about what you know about her, and include that information in the details of the date. For example, say she tells you that her favourite flowers are freesias. Bring her a bouquet of freesias. If she tells you she loves Chinese food, take her to a Chinese restaurant. It sounds obvious, but it’s the little, thoughtful details like that which will impress her more than the grand gestures.

2. Instead of showering her with expensive jewellery and taking her out to the finest restaurants, try and show her more of yourself. If you enjoy a particular sport, or have a hobby, share it with her. You could watch a rugby match together, or go to a pottery class. Whatever you do, make sure that she gets to know the real you, underneath the money and the career. That will bring you closer together.

3. Choose the right woman. Although it’s sad, some women are just looking for a man to foot the bill and give them a particular lifestyle. You should be able to spot these women early on; they’re the ones that don’t offer to split the bill at a restaurant and who seem disappointed when they receive a thoughtful gift (as opposed to an expensive one). You will never change this kind of woman. Don’t waste your time chasing around after them, as you will only be disappointed in the long run when you realise that they will stick around only for as long as you are earning. Although they may be beautiful and interesting, they won’t make you happy forever.

4. Finally, if all else fails, tell every woman you meet that you’ll be signing a pre-nup if you ever get married/that you are actually penniless. That should get rid of most of the women only interested in you for your money!

Hope this helps, and good luck with finding the woman of your dreams.

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