OK Ladies, you have now landed a first date with a new potential. How do you get a successful date and a follow-up for a second one? Follow these simple steps and you’re a shoe-in for a second date.

1. When you meet, you have probably talked for some days or weeks I hope, so it will be appropriate to lean in for the “one cheek hug”.

2. Yes, indeed this is a site to meet rich singles, but that does not mean it is OK to talk about money on a first or second date for that matter. Ask questions to get to know him, but nothing too personal, and avoid answering too personal questions on the first date. Leave him wanting more.

3. Smile! And keep eye contact to the point where it’s almost awkward, and then break. It will make him think you’re a bit mysterious without you having to be.

4. If you want this to be a long term relationship, do not wear too revealing clothes. Remember the golden rule: if you show shoulders or cleavage, keep your legs covered; if you show legs keep your chest covered.

5. And ladies, I know he might be a stud and you think he is perfect. But it takes a few dates to get to know someone, so under no circumstances are you to have sex on the first date! It will make him like you a lot then and there, but it will most likely not lead to a follow up date, unless he wants a booty call.

6. When you talk, make sure you do not cross your arms in front of your chest. It gives closed and reserved impression. And it’s OK to touch him from time to time, when you laugh at his joke lean in a little and put your hand on his knee, arm or hand. Not in a sexual way but to let him know you notice him and appreciate him.

7. Use his name when you talk to him, not all the time, but a few times will make him understand that your attention is on him only. And by all means give compliments. Do not expect one back cause it will seem like you are saying it to get one back. And always mean what you say. Do not tell him his jacket looks amazing if it doesn’t. Find something you really like, and give a compliment from the heart.

8. Unless he tells you he has children, do not start talk about children on the first date. This goes under “nothing too personal”.

9. When he tells you something that happened to him, do not interrupt to tell him your similar story. Be a good listener.

10. Last but not least, when the date is over, a good night kiss is alright, but only if you really want the follow up, and if you are sure you are going to be able to tell him no, if he asks to come in with you. otherwise, give him a hug and tell him you had a great evening, and thank him for the dinner if he paid of course!

Now ladies, I have given you some do’s and dont’s. So have fun and land a millionaire. 😉

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