When dating millionaires, keep in mind that time is an extremely valuable commodity. Don’t be late for the first date or any thereafter. If for some reason it is an emergency and you are late, be charming and apologetic. Millionaires respect time and work ethic, don’t come across as flighty, inconsistent or lazy. This is sure to put you in the pile of one night stands or flings. If you are looking for something more serious, know thyself first.

Millionaires/famous people can be intimidating because American culture tends to idolize money and fame. However, if you desire a true friendship with someone in this financial bracket, it is imperative that you separate the amount of money he makes from the hardworking individual. Throughout this process is a good idea to check in with yourself and ask, “Would I date this person if they had a lesser financial status than their current one.” If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track to a genuine connection which is precisely what many millionaires seek.

In a world, where everything is laid out before you on a red carpet, the only thing millionaires can’t buy is genuine unconditional love. If you wish to win over a millionaire, you must get into his/her heart. You can do this through intimate connection, i.e., genuine listening. In our current milieu, we are bombarded with sensory distractions; textes, phone calls, advertisements, emails, television.

In order to gain the trust of another being, you must connect with them on a spiritual level. Put away the cell phones and practice genuine listening. Gaze into his/her eyes and attempt to understand the thoughts behind the verbiage. This type of connection breeds care and trust. Start here and you will be well on your way to a wedding ring.

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