Money can buy a myriad of superficial things- but it cannot buy love or loyalty. Deep pockets can however, buy the right look in a woman or the right piece of behind for a casual occasion if that is what you are looking for exclusively! So ladies take heed and beware! Powerful men are often invited to Black and White Tie affairs, Business Mixers at work; and other events– typically through work or organizations where they must be seen by others. Millionaire men have worked hard on their Image and they typically want a flawless woman on their arm to show other party goers that He’s got something going on that makes him stand out! A millionaire’s date knows when[…]

The rich may as well be considered their own culture. Raised from birth to act, dress and speak a certain way, it might seem impossible to attract anyone beyond your own financial circle. Luckily, however, enticing those with serious wealth is far from impossible. 1. Be Desirable Money can’t buy everything, therefore you need to offer something that cannot be found in any stores. Have more than just gold digging as a hobby, master one or two talents. 2. Respect Yourself This means taking care of your body with exercise, dressing for your shape and otherwise not being loud just to get attention. They understand the importance of discipline and hard work. Nothing says this better than a well-groomed, healthy[…]

1. Most millionaires got to where they are today through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. Its OK to ask them about how they achieved their success. Most millionaires – indeed, most people – like talking about their accomplishments, their triumphs, and “the secret to their success.” Often times, your millionaire will reveal a difficulty they had to overcome on their way to the top – an obstacle they bypassed, a problem they solved – and by sharing the story of their challenge with you , the two of you will instantly be drawn closer together. PLEASE NOTE that I didn’t say ” ask them about how they achieved their money.” Most millionaires do not like to talk about their money,[…]

1. Make sure that before you say “yes” to date a millionaire you are genuinely attracted to that person through your initial communications whether through text messages, emails, calls or exchange of photos. If you are just dating the person for money it’s not going to work. You will never be happy. You are just being unfair to yourself and the other person. Sooner or later your motive becomes transparent to the other person. Trust is then lost. Your integrity will be questioned. You don’t want that to happen. 2. Mind your manners. Being with a millionaire means you have to know how to say the right words at the right time, know how to act in social settings and[…]